April, Christie, Mary & Jane (Lo​-​Fi)

by Blue Sky Angel Parade

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Crazy weird spacin' out
Spacin' out holdin' up the hill
Diamond chain girl

Merry March Cathy, April, Julie & Jane
Forever in my brain

Like Kelsea in the rain...

April, Christe, Mary, Jane I can't
Erase them from my brain

Like Kelsea in the rain...

You sure are clever, sitting over clover
Looking on those American days...

In the summer, when Kelsea made me insane...

She looks like 1964 babe blasting
Holly in the Chevy

Cruisin' the main lanes, I said, "Let me in"
She just went drivin'

Top down, looking out the window
Good in the race!

Heya Daisy, drinkin' tea with Ethel
Belle, Donna, Suzie, and Lane, I can't
Erase them from my brain...
Forever in my brain...

That Kelsea in the rain...

Lyrics: P. S. Williams
Arranged by: P. S. Williams


released October 5, 2012
Vocals: P. S. Williams
Guitar: P. S. Williams
Bass: Colby L. Woodson
Drums: James M. Wachtel



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